Fire Barrier Solutions

Tradeline Fire Barrier Solution is a new range of products offered by Tradeline Drywall Solutions which allows our customers to meet Fire Safety Standards as set out by the building regulations. View our range below and view our stockists to get your enquiry in with your local branch.

Tradeline Fire Barrier

Smoke and Flame

Lightweight Fire Barrier Smoke & Flame

Tradeline Fire Barrier is a woven and non-woven glass textile.

Woven and non-woven glass textile, which offers fire protection when properly installed.
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Part of a tested system to stop the spread of fire
Code Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
922988 Tradeline Valbarr Smoke and Flame Barrier 25000 1300 0.5
923006 Tradeline Valbarr UltraLite Barrier Vertical 30/15 6000 1300 6.5
545968 Tradeline Valbarr UltraLite Barrier Horizontal 60/15 6000 1300 6.5
923027 Tradeline Valbarr Cavity Barrier 30/30 Vertical and Horizontal 6000 1300 7
923042 Tradeline Valbarr Cavity Barrier 60/30 Vertical and Horizontal 6000 1300 7
923045 Tradeline Valbarr Cavity Barrier 120/30 Vertical and Horizontal 6000 1300 7
923084 Tradeline Valbarr Cavity Barrier 120/60 Vertical 6000 1300 16
351900 Tradeline Valbarr Fire Barrier 90/60 6000 1300 18

Tradeline Fire Barrier Tools and Fixings

Tradeline Tools and Fixings make up part of the tested Tradeline Barrier System

Code Name Size (mm)
126688 Tradeline Valbarr R130 Staples 10
126690 Tradeline Valbarr R130 Staples 12
126692 Tradeline Valbarr R130 Staples 16
126680 Tradeline Valbarr Hand Held R130 1916 Manual

Tradeline High Temperature Adhesive

Tradeline Valbarr High Temperature Sealant

Tradeline High-Temperature Adhesive is suitable for small holes and fissures under 12.5mm.

  • Forms a high-temperature seal as part of the Tradeline fire barrier system
  • Suitable for small holes and fissures under 12.5mm
Code Name Size (ml)
923117 Tradeline Valbarr High Temperature Adhesive Tube 310


Tradeline Accessories

Tradeline Fire Barrier Accessories

Tradeline accessories are designed to maintain the fire integrity of the barrier system where larger penetrations are required to pass through the barrier


Code Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
340956 Tradeline Valbarr Access Hatch 30/30 600 600  50
340957 Tradeline Valbarr Access Hatch 60/30 600 600 50
923172 Tradeline Valbarr Access Hatch 120/30 600 600 50